Our Services


We are your local Optometry professionals, and take meticulous care to provide a first rate service. With over 50 years of industry experience, our team deliver a friendly approach in a warm and welcoming environment.

Our primary services are listed below. Click on an icon to see more information on a particular service.

Contact Lens Examinations

Specialists in Hard (RGP), soft, single and multifocal lenses as well as complex fits such as keratoconus lenses.

Dry Eye

Diagnostic tests help to classify your dry eye. A treatment regime is tailored for you.

Myopia Control

Techniques are used to slow the progression of short-sight over time.

Meares-Irlen Lenses

We use coloured lenses to improve the clarity and comfort of vision for people with certain needs.

Urgent Eyecare

Medicines endorsed, ACC registered practitioners. Prescription medications treat injury, infection and inflammation.

Behavioural Optometry

A behavioural Optometrist considers not just what you see, but how well you process visual information.

Laser Surgery Assessments

We can assess vision to discuss suitability for laser surgery, and provide post- operative treatment and care.