Occupational Lenses – Let’s Clear Things Up!

Are you:

  • Struggling to read with your progressives?
  • Having to search around for a clear spot?
  • Getting a neck ache while tilting your head to see the computer?

Occupational lenses are a great alternative.

I like to think of progressives lenses as distance glasses that you can see close up with. You can read in them but it can be tricky. Looking at a computer screen can be even trickier if the screen is at eye level. A neck ache is common and often associated with lifting your chin to focus on the screen.

A modern alternative is the occupational lens. At Wanganui Eyecare we use the most modern and technologically advanced occupational lenses. One such lens is the Hoya ID Workstyle.

The ID Workstyle are similar to a full progressive, yet have key differences which aid in near work.

  • The reading area within the lens is much larger than a progressive.
  • The ‘eye level’ position is focused for mid distance (not in the far distance) so viewing computer screens is easy with much less head tilt.
  • You can see further in the distance by dipping your head.

You can think of occupational lenses as reading glasses with a vastly extended range.
Often Progressive lens wearers with difficulty reading or on the computer, have a second pair of ID Workstyles for at home or the office. Some keep them on all the time inside and switch to full progressives when outside or when driving.

There are many designs of occupational lenses, with each working a little differently to meet unique visual needs. We personalise each vision examination to find the best visual solution for you in your environment.

Article By Kerry Bennett.

About Kerry

Kerry Bennett is an Optometrist practising at Wanganui Eyecare Centre. He provides comprehensive vision examinations, and has special interests in the dispensing, design and glazing of optical lenses.